Hello and welcome!

I’m Holly Brennan, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. This digital/web portfolio will house some of my projects I have been working on over the last few years until current.

Examples of my work is shown in the tabs above, this will highlight the skills I hold in many areas in designing, such as – Promotional and branding, Editorial, Illustration, Multi-touch iBooks/eBook designs and Photo Editing.

I hold many physical examples of my work from press ads and other printed mediums that can be provided on the projects for future interviews if requested.

I hope you enjoy the portfolio.





This portfolio will hold some branding suites I have designed, such as a full branding collection for Universal Skills Group, Essa Nursery, logo design for BAMEed and more. Printed versions are available within my physical portfolio for future interviews. These are a select few designs from my collection, more is available on request.

You can find examples of my branding designs on the clickable links below

Universal Skills Group


Career St.

Mockup Iphone X


Wordpress 4

Essa Nursery

Outdoor Banner-02-02

Zhen Tea

Full Collection - Blue and Green3



One of my skills that I continue to grow is digital Illustration, I combine this with my knowledge of design to come out with a variety of vector illustrations throughout many outcomes, in different mediums from print to multi-page designs for interactive multi-touch books.

Many of the illustrations I have designed have a lot of detail within so they can be used in different locations, both large and small in scale without any quality being lost.

The links below show some of the illustrations I have created throughout my time as a Designer and Illustrator at Essa Learning when designing for educational iBooks. As well as a collection of some of the personal designs I have created which combines both my love of design and illustration with my interests of movies, video games and tv series.

You can find examples of my illustrations on the clickable links below.


free mockup poster


iBook Design Illustration

iBook Mock up 1-02

Personal Designs

Vertical Flyer Poster Frame Mockup2

Multi-touch Interactive Books

Multi-touch Interactive Books

In 2015 the Essa Learning project was set up and aimed to provide interactive educational iBooks for pupils across the world for free. All the material for the books has been written by qualified teachers and authors who we collaborated with to make sure what was designed matched their original vision. This gained strong bonds and relationships with multiple authors making it so they wanted us to design multiple books for them.

The books vary in complexity making them accessible and understandable from different age groups. The books for primary level (Key Stage 2) focus on being colourful, fun looking with interactive characters and other elements such as games, widgets and videos. My role within this job was designer and illustrator, I used vector design to bring the pages to life and make learning more interesting. As some students learn differently and need visual aid to understand text, I aimed to make the pages look fun, and illustrate what the text was saying. Overall, the success from these was clear from feedback from teachers saying the students loved the books and the design of them.

The overall aim I had in mind when designing the iBooks was to make learning look and feel fun. Normal educational text books usually have no character, so I designed these in multiple ways using different illustrations to add personality and style to them.

You can find examples of the multi-touch book designs on the clickable links below.

Essa Learning iBooks

Wordpress - ibooks-01

Essa Learning Web Design


The Olive Tree Primary School

iPad in Hand Mockup 2

Promotional Designs

Promotional Designs

Based on the success and designs of the multi-touch books the CEO and Headteacher of Essa Academy requested me to design multiple booklets as well as matching invitations for the events that would be held at Essa Academy. During this time I collaborated with multiple schools, universities and photographers to make sure the outcome had all the pieces needed to complete the design. At the same time, we hired an outside designer for one of the booklets to collaborate with on, allowing me time to teach them the style/design and the guidelines of the brand.

During 2017-19 I designed a large selection of branding and material for Universal Skills Group. One of the large scale projects I worked on was creating a suite of material for Plumb Expo, this includes promotional mugs, leaflets and other printed material as well as a large expo stand and podium. As well as this, I designed a large collection of media for Burnley College for their 2019 Prospectus including on-campus posters, roller banners and other prints. These designs were extremely well received with very positive feedback from the head of design at Burnley College.

You can find examples of the designs on the clickable links below.

Universal Skills Group

plumb expo cover-01

Burnley College


Essa Academy Awards Evening Booklet

Mock up 04

Essa Academy Options Booklet

Magazine Mockup-2

R.S.B Dyslexia Campaign

Example 3